Systematic approaches to the study of diabetes

Diabetes is a major health problem in the developed world and studies over the last decades have shown that causality and manifestation of the disease are complex. Recently, certain lipids have been implicated in disease etiology, but their precise roles are unknown. In order to obtain a more global picture and identify more precise correlations it is necessary to perform systematic studies. The James lab in Sydney has pioneered systematic studies of diabetes and the Riezman lab has developed the technology to do systematic lipidomics, which they are applying in the context of type 2 diabetes (Sinergia grant, SNSF). It is important to combine these two innovative technologies to study type 2 diabetes and therefore, requires extended visits between the two laboratories to exchange information and plan out future collaborations. Both laboratories are highly regarded internationally, have generous support through their research grants and can contribute the personnel to do the experiments. However, travel money for the necessary networking is lacking. Therefore, support for the project through this instrument will be crucial to start the project. In addition, the newly created Faculty Center for Diabetes at the University of Geneva, to which the Riezman lab is associated, will benefit from the visit of David James in Geneva, both through discussions, but also through increased visibility.

Participants : 
Professor Howard Riezman, UNIGE - Biochemistry/NCCR Chemical Biology
Professor David James FAA, University of Sydney - The Charles Perkins Centre